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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kpop songs I truly love - Wonder Girls

I really couldn't say this until recently. Don't get me wrong, I could say I liked a lot of Kpop songs, but there was no love (besides loving to watch the awesome/silly videos).

This is my first song that I really love. I was first introduced to it by YeonSil singing it at the Noribang and thought it was super catchy then. I've heard it several times since then and finally looked it up. Thank you YouTube!!

This song is so catchy and fun. And the video just happens to be awesome/ridiculous. I love the "flasher" in the girls locker room being taken care of by this Wonder Girl. lol

In case you don't know what Kpop is, the concept is similar to assembled "boy bands" and "girl bands" in the US. Think N Sync and Spice Girls- uh yeah, I know Spice Girls are British, not American, try to stick with me here. But Korea puts it's own special twist on the idea and it's wildly successful all over Asia.

Some things Kpop bands have in common.
  1. Put together by a corporation. (I think)
  2. Songs tend to appeal to pre-teens/teens
  3. They commonly have dance routines in the videos that their followers can learn and imitate
  4. They typically have a couple words of English in each song, whether used correctly or not.
Wonder Girls are particularly awesome though, and in 2009, they were the first Kpop band to place in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart with this song:

OMG, this is the OTHER song YeonSil sang at Noribang! (You're such a big fan YS! Well, so am I now, good job!) ^.^ Hilarious, awesome, great, catchy song!

One more awesome Wonder Girls song and I'll stop talking about them (for today):

I just found this video on YouTube, I hadn't seen/heard this song before today. So cute! so much fun and I'm done talking about this for today.

I'll probably post more Kpop music videos that I like in the future, but I'm honestly not good at reviewing, so I won't break them down or anything, I'll just tell you I like them!

I keep forgetting!
Thanks Andy!

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