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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ArtsyFartsy - part 4

It's been a slow past couple of days, not boring, just blog post boring. Maybe things are starting to feel normal here... crazy talk. Here's a reminder of all the beautiful stuff, aka, not normal.

At Yunggungsa (Yunggung temple), aka the Dragon Temple or the Temple on the Sea.

Steps going up to the Buddha of Mercy.

Yunggungsa is the only temple on the sea. And from my experiences of temples (thus far), the most beautiful.

Buddha of Mercy at Buddha's birthday celebration.

Why Yunggungsa is sometimes called the Dragon Temple.


Yunggungsa in black and white. Definitely more dramatic, but I think I like color better.


Reconstructed command tower at Geumjeongsanseong Fortress.

In an update for the tutoring I'm doing... the kiddos are feeling a lot more comfortable. How do I know? They weren't nearly as quiet this time around. lol. Also, I'm surprised at how much communication we get done with   no common language. At least I know the words for: Say, here, this, write, and bathroom (in Korean). Those are life savers. :D

Tomorrow is Korean lessons, so I better get on doing that homework. Till next time!
<3 Kim

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