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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hot Summer: Monrose vs f(x)

It never even occurred to me that K-pop, or in this case SM entertainment, might be buying songs from other artists. I guess it makes sense. K-Pop isn't exactly traditional music. It is designed to be entertaining, in a very commercial way... not to be an expression of the artist(s).

Still, when a company blatantly buys a song like this, I at least loose some of the illusion that I'm hearing something from the artist's heart or mind and it kind of spoils it for me. I really liked f(x)'s Hot Summer, ignoring that they make fun of us poor foreigners for our tendency to sweat, (Hello?! Why don't YOU sweat? Everyone else on the planet does.... I think it's because you drink so little water.) before I found out that they bought the song. Really this is all EatYourKimchi's fault, I'm pretty oblivious, if they hadn't pointed it out I probably wouldn't have noticed. Check out their review of f(x)'s Hot Summer here. They do a review of a K-pop song every Monday, and every other day of the week they write about something else that's fun. Love 'em and I highly recommend them (note they're one of the blogs I follow on the right).

So I've decided, the real question here... with two almost identical songs (slightly different lyrics), which one do you like best?

f(x) translated lyrics here.

Monrose lyrics here.

Things each group wins at (in my opinion):


  • Cuteness
  • better set(background)
  • no dirty trailer-park-esque white guys (ewwwww!)
  • they're not German (let's face it, German's, though better then the French, are still German)
  • I feel like I could learn the dance to this song, but I'm not motivated to, so I would always feel dumb dancing to this version. But other people could learn the dance, so it's still a plus.


  • Hot sexyness 
  • didn't make fun of sweaty foreigners 
  • no dikey looking girls (does the Koreans willingness to look sexually ambiguous bother anyone else? *both guys looking like girls and girls looking like guys and there's always one in every K-Pop group* It wouldn't bother me if they weren't so intolerant of homosexuals. Quit screwing up the signals I'm receiving!!)
  • actually looks like they get hot which only makes sense in context 
  • I like their chair dance better, I'm sorry I just do. Plus I feel like I could just jump around at a club to dance to this version

Maybe you can be more objective (maybe less offensive) then I've been?

Leave your vote in the comments. ;)

1 comment:

  1. "they're not German (let's face it, German's, though better then the French, are still German)"
    .. are you serious? watch what you're saying it might sound like you're helluva racist!
    I just came over your blog because I saw the Kpop video & was wondering who sang the song first.. but apart of your spelling mistake, you really need to explain to me what you mean with this offensive sentence..