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Friday, June 17, 2011

ABC's and 123's

What am I teaching these poor children subjected to be taught by me, someone who has not been trained in teaching small children and has not even been around small children very much?

Let me just say, thank God for Student Books/Workbooks, Sesame Street, You Tube, Google and my own respectable intelligence.

Anyone remember this guy? I didn't until I saw this video, then it all came back. And I thought to myself... "The writers of Sesame Street used to be some very high hippies... that's who influenced my childhood, awesome!"

I also found this sweet video, so cute! (I think I'm turning Korean, calling everything cute...)

Obviously, this class is counting. The next class is colors. (Sad, there's no Sesame Street Videos for colors, I'll just have to fend for myself. I'm thinking Ven Diagram project.)

Apparently I'm doing a pretty good job according to the parents. So much so that their friends want me to tutor their kids too. So I've got a new class at 3:30pm Tuesdays and Fridays with 2 - 7 year old boys. Great Success!!

In other news, we had Sunny and YeonSil over last night to watch So You Think You Can Dance and then we proceeded to subject them to Borat. I feel kind-of guilty about that... but it turns out that Borat (ignoring the crudity and nudity) is actually a very interesting commentary on some different parts of America. And it's really hard to explain.

And now, Sunny and YeonSil can do awesome things, like quote: "Great Success" and "High Five!" and "I make sexy time with my mother-in-law!" Thank goodness, because it's disappointing to say a quote and realize no one around you knows why you're saying it. A couple more movies and we'll be able to comfortably quote stuff.   ^.^

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