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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My last post

I don't know how to express how sad, depressed... there aren't words as it turns out to express how my heart feels like it's been ripped out of my chest and stomped on a few dozen times. That's cliche and I don't care, I didn't realize how apt it was until it happened to me.

My husband told me a week ago that he no longer loves me and that he's in love with another woman.  He wants a divorce so I have to leave. It's not fair to love someone who doesn't love you anymore.

So I won't be in Korea any longer then it takes to ship my cat back to the US and pack. Maybe I'll write another blog, but only if it's not depressing. I hate depressing whiny blogs. And right now, I can only be depressing and whiny.

I'm sorry to those who came to value this blog and had emailed and messaged me in recent months.


  1. Holy shit... I just stumbled on this blog today, but it looks like I've arrived at the worst time possible.

    Good luck to you, Kim.

  2. Kim I'm so sorry, I've really enjoyed reading your blogs over the last few months and I'm sorry to see you go. Please let me know if you set up a new blog as I'd love to read it.

  3. i'm terribly sorry to hear your news.

    go home, take care, and the best to you.

    - sleepy

  4. Kim, i just stumbled on you today too and my heart broke for you. I am so so sorry and i hope that after you have grieved all you need you find someone who truly deserves you xx

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  6. Wow, I never knew this :( I really like your blog and I'm upset you'll have to leave Korea and we won't hear about your journeys anymore.

  7. I wish you luck in your future journeys! ( ´Д`)ノ~