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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Translation: Korean Washer/Dryer

Here's my translation of our Washer Dryer. This took me a long time and I still didn't get everything. Half was done with the help of my Korean teacher, the other half Google translator helped with. (Which sounds easy, but Google translator likes to f*ck up Korean, so I had to use their Korean keyboard to enter 1 syllable ::2-3 letters:: at a time, copy and paste it into notepad and when I got done with the whole word copy and paste it back into translator and press the translate button, which didn't always work which is why 3 buttons are not translated and one says Laundry -That's what Google says it means!-)

I didn't translate the power or the Play/Pause button, cause if you can't figure those out on your own, you probably shouldn't come to Korea. In fact, if you can't figure those out yourself, the world is probably a big and scary place for you... You should put on a helmet and ride in the special bus.

Oh, BTW, standard wash and dry takes about 4 hours. This is normal. If you run the power save, my Korean teacher called this the overnight setting, it runs about 14hours.

If you're wondering how to operate it, there's a drawer on the upper left (can't see it in this pic). Open that, dump the detergent in the big hole, put the softener in the small hole, close the drawer. Press the power button, turn the wash side (left) to the setting you'd prefer. If you don't want the dryer to dry, press the play button now. If you do want the dryer to run, turn the dryer knob (on the right) to the setting you prefer. Press play.

Make sure you use softener. We made the mistake of not using softener for the first couple weeks (actually, we'd try to catch the dryer before it started and add dryer sheets... it didn't work), softener is necessary. Don't believe me? Have fun with stiff/stinky clothes!

I think that's a pretty good summary for anyone surfing the internet desperate for their Korean Washer/Dryer to work. Feel free to leave a comment/question though if you're confused about anything, I'll try to help out where I can. :)


  1. I heard that using wool dryer balls cut drying time. Yes wool dryer balls. You can read about them on I was thinking about making some for myself and see if they work.

  2. Now I'm sad I didn't ship any of my yarn to myself. They should be easy enough to make, make a yarn ball with wool yarn, put in washer with a pair of jeans, a little detergent, and run it on hot and voila! Thanks for following me Nichole!

  3. Yep, that's pretty simple. There's some instructions if you Google it or YouTube it :)

  4. Do you have room to hang dry some stuff? With fabric softener, it might work and not be too terribly stiff (I've also read that if you hang dry and your clothes are stiff, you're using too much detergent). Also, quick cycle might be tempting, though I would guess that drying is the main cause of the 4 hour cycle. I'd say try to add a dry towel when the clothes are drying, but that is probably not worth the space it'd take up... One other thing to think about, maybe you could find a laundromat to do some of your laundry? It might be worth it to save you some aggravation.

  5. I actually have a retractable clothes hanger thing. But it's out on my back porch and I know I'm being silly, but I don't like my laundry hanging where anyone can see it. Also it takes up a lot of space that is otherwise usable living space. I use it for clothes that I don't want to shrink in the dryer, but otherwise like to keep it free. That is an option though if the laundry becomes overwhelming. ;)

    I have been keeping my out for a laundromat, if only to wash some of the larger blankets in etc, and I have yet to see one. If I get desperate I'll ask for help. Surely someone knows where one is. lol.