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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A day at the beach, or, our first time at Haeundae Beach

On Saturday we spent our first time at a Korean Beach. We rode the bus down and met our friend, YeonSil at Jangsan Station and took the subway over to Haeundae. We (I mean YeonSil and I) wore our cute outfits, though YeonSil doubted that we would get into the water so she failed to wear a swimsuit... she'll know better for next time.  :::If you go to the beach, you have to go into the water. Even if it's only for a minute cause it's cold:::

At Haeundae you can rent an umbrella for 5,000W for the day, which we did. They put down a tarp/mat for you to claim your spot, which is handy to put your towels on for some lounging. There were some umbrella's with lounge chairs that you could rent for more, but we didn't ask how much. For Your Reference: If you come to Korea and you need to know how much something is, just ask: Ul Mai Yay Yoh?

Also, news flash - everywhere else in Korea it's blazing hot. It's still comfortable and the breeze is still cool down here at Busan. So Saturday it was about 75F. Not what I would call normal swimming weather, but dangit, we were at the beach!

Shannon, running back out of the water after his dip in the ocean. Surprisingly, a lot of people besides ourselves were swimming, though you can't see them in this picture.

While we were lounging, Shannon got bored and buried my and YeonSil's unsuspecting feet.

We got our revenge, sweet sweet revenge. mwhahaha. Yes, he's a very lumpy mermaid. Turns out just cause you have them doesn't mean you can properly carve them.

At this point we were the only people who had thought about burying anyone. It was fun, and a lot of people took pictures of poor shannon and came by to point and laugh.

He had to get all that sand off somehow! lol.

 About an hour later....

You can only see two, but in this direction are 4 groups of people we could see, burying their friends and making them into mermaids.

And in this direction were three more groups of people, though you can only see two... We had inadvertently set a trend.

And these guys were taking things just a little too far.... ok, you don't have to fondle it any more buddy.

Far enough that I convinced Shannon to go take a picture of the final product. (Notice the guy to the right, he just can't take his hands away!) That's seaweed they're using for long luxurious hair. Poor guy.

A yummy beach sandwhich. It seemed like a cabbage hamburger in a bun thing. It was really hot and tasty, that's all I cared about.

We took a nap under our umbrella before we called it quits at about 5pm. Just in time to rinse off at the 500W showers and go get dinner and some Moccoli. 

What a great day! Now if only rainy season would get here and then go away again so we could plan another beach trip! I'm looking forward to trying out Gwangalli, Jinaha, and Sungjeong beaches too!

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