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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"I speak 12 languages. English is the bestest."- Stefan Bergan

I've been working on my Resume for teaching English in Korea... and only succeeding marginally. Not only do I hate making resumes (I always forget something and I'm really bad at b*ll-sh*t, unlike Jamaal... Jamaal, wanna make my resume for me?). It doesn't help that I'm used to making resumes highlighting my project skills and engineering type experiences. Here's what I've got thus far:

Note the shortness. I feel like it should be longer. My resume since graduating high-school has been longer. Maybe I should mention how much I love to read, or somehow insert how much of a good deal I am. (Hello, I'm already here and I already have a visa, and I already have an apartment! I just want a job nearby, during the day.) I thought about referencing this site, but then I remembered how truly unprofessional this site is. >.> (*cough* Engrish post *cough*)

Speaking of unprofessional, (does professionalism matter so much in applying for a job like this? It's not engineering or a corporate position after all) listing my Husband's cell as a way of contact... but you know, there's only so many ways to get a-hold of me in Korea.

This resume would probably be going to American/Canadian recruiting agencies, so other then the address (so they can locate our apartment more easily), everything should be in what an american would understand.

In summary, help! Any ideas you might have to enhance the resume or to emphasize skills that might be applicable to teaching English, would be more then welcome! Also if any expats are reading this, any suggestions on Recruiting Agencies, or tips and tricks you might know, would be awesome!

To end on.... could you eat this soup? I couldn't. (And didn't.)
In case you're wondering.... that's Hair Algae soup. I did try it, it tasted good. I just couldn't get over the fuzzy texture in my mouth!! Ewwwww!

I modified the resume a little, to explain what ERP was and to emphasize that Passport is a computer program, not a travel document. ;) 

Then, I sent an e-mail to a particular posting from Dave's ESL Cafe for an elementary school position close to our apartment. This was my cover letter:

I am responding to your post regarding an English Teaching position near Gijang-gun... 
I currently live with my husband, who is working for KHNP, in                        near               . I have an F3 visa and my ARC, so I don't know what, if any, of the documentation you still need. 
I have my original diploma with me, but it has not been notarized. I have my Bachelor of Science(BS) in Engineering Management from the University of Missouri-Rolla (otherwise known as Missouri University of Science and Technology).
I am very interested in this position because it is nearby, the hours are daytime, and teaching elementary students is my preference. 
Attached is a picture of myself and my resume. I have never taught English before, but I'm looking forward to the experience. In my previous positions, I tutored adults in a computer program called Passport, I found that to be a very rewarding part of my job. I feel that this was a good experience for a future teaching English in Korea. 
I look forward to hearing back from you soon. 
Thank you,
Kim Conner

Not bad, right? I feel like my cover letter is much better then my resume. Too bad recruiting agency's don't have space for cover letters..... This will only work when I apply to individual positions. ;)


  1. Well, first Anonymous Jamaal needs to work on HIS resumé :P

    Second, that soup looks wonderful actually. Better looking than Collared Greens

    As far as a details go, i would write out Enterprise Business P-something instead of ERP. Also, did ERP involve any sort of training or talk to people? And also, in objective, i would include maybe "help foster a mutual cultural understanding blah blah blah..." Or something that implies that you are giving back to the nation that is currently housing you and not just begging for a job

  2. By the way the last post was by Anomymous Jamaal

  3. I found your blog recently. I am actually headed to South Korea in August! I used Footprints Recruiting. They are currently recruiting for the EPIK Fall intake.

  4. Thanks to both of you for your ideas! I'll definitely be checking out Footprints Recruiting.

  5. Oh,and Jamaal, I actually like collard greens, and I really did not like this. Neither did Shannon. Reminded us too much of cleaning out the fish tank. Joe will understand. Ask him. ;)

    I don't feel like I can non-corny like write something about giving back to Korea. Write this for me Jamaal, go!

    Here's what I really want to write, if I wasn't restraining myself, modify it with the appropriate BS, pls. :)

    "I think teaching English to Korean students would be really fun and cool, cause kids rock. Seeing the look on their face when they finally get something is super-duper rewarding and awesome." Translate accordingly. :)

  6. You could mention that you were president of your soroity/girl club in college and thus have experience as a leader (controlling crazy college kids) and organizing events. I'll ask my brother how he promotes himself for english teaching jobs. Right now he is tutoring a couple different groups of kids up in Seoul.

  7. That's a good idea! (This is a side note - We found out the other day that, at least according to a Korean professor, there are no such things as sorority's or fraternity's in Korea. No greek system? Crazy!)

    Any tips or tricks your brother might know would be super appreciated!

  8. Super-duper rewarding!?!? Gah, i'm gagging here :P
    " I feel I have an excellent rapport with children and I enjoy being a mentor especially with children."
    And in the objective
    "To obtain employeement... blah blah... near Gilcheon-ri, to further the intent of fostering a mutual understanding between American and Korean culture."

    It's non-weekend duty friday, that's all i have in me. Good luck ~Jamaal