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Monday, June 13, 2011

First Lesson and Friday Night

I finally started my tutoring efforts!

Friday evening, the 10th was the first lesson for my first two students (I'm obviously hoping to get more eventually). They came over to our apartment, so I made our living room into a little classroom. ;)

OMG, am I awesome or what? I used our TV, hooked up to our computer, kind of like a blackboard (you can see my PowerPoint slide, A is for Apple). Since they're such little ones we sat on the floor around the coffee table. This is, obviously, before they got there, it did not look this neat and tidy after the lesson. lol.

Both students were in the american age range of 5-7. One girl and one boy. HeeWon and HwaSoo. We started learning the alphabet. We went over the sounds made by the letter, then they practiced writing it on a sheet of paper, then they colored an "apple" or "ball" or "car", and wrote Aa and Apple, etc to make an alphabet book, or to start one rather. We only have an hour after all. Then we learned some more A words, B words, C words. Then we sang the alphabet song. And that was my first lesson.

It seems obvious to me they've learned a little bit of the alphabet before (in school I'm sure), writing it at least. So in my next lesson, I'm going to concentrate half the lesson on vocabulary of some sort and half on continuing to learn letters, at least until we've finished the alphabet and can just review it occasionally.

So Tuesday's lesson is going to be school supplies (paper, pen, pencil, book, etc) and the letters D & E. We're going to play a guessing game and use their student books for the first time. I'm also going to have them write in their notebooks what they learn each day (aka pencil, pen, paper, D, E). They can write very well, especially when they can copy me.

Friday I'm excited to take 5 minutes to play some Sesame Street (anyone remember computer?? and a 1 2 3 4 counting song with Feist in it, such a cute song!). Obviously we're starting counting on Friday. :D

I've never taught kids before, but I'm loving it. So many fun things to do, so little time.

So Friday evening, we went out to drink to a successful first class! And we found this "Garten Bier" place, lol, near Jangsan Station. They made their own beer, which was slightly more tasty then the normal Korean beer and had more of a kick to it. Also, it was relatively cheap.

This was the "double" for 5,000W. A single was 3,000W, and a triple (which was like drinking das boot or a "yard" of beer) was 6,500W. And btw, that is an awesome invention, a drink cooler/cupholder in the table. Designed to keep your drink nice and frosty, and you could adjust the temp if you wanted at the end of the table!!

Best part about the evening? (Besides getting drunk with a good friend I mean) the 20,600W taxi ride home. I <3 Busan taxis! So cheap for a half hour ride! Well, I don't know, it could have been shorter, he was driving really fast...

All in all, a great Friday night!

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