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Monday, June 27, 2011

ArtsyFartsy - part 5

Or... Kim is feeling lazy, part 5!

Thanks to the new editing software I was able to edit out the cars, or rather make them blurry so they're less obvious.... of course now that I've pointed them out, I'm sure you can see them. In fact, you probably can't stop looking at them now.... damn my big mouth!

Sky Mountain Temple.... HaeSanSa? Haha, no I made that up.

I think this would make a sweet desktop background... anyone think I can make money selling this to Microsoft?

Sky and Temple.

Ok, I couldn't decide which one I liked best.

Temple (Beomeosa to be exact) backed up against the mountain.

More Temple and Sky... I'm on a roll!

From the top of the tallest mountain around... see the fortress snaking through the hills?

More awesome mountain shots.

The golden pool.

Medieval forest? No, just Korean hiking trail.

Feel free to use my photos anywhere you want to. Just please link back to my site if it's on the web, and let me know... I'd love to know you liked my photos enough to use them somewhere!

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