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Friday, June 24, 2011

Engrish shirts that I own. (Because I love them!)

Recently, ok, almost as soon as I arrived in Korea.... I've developed a fondness, an affection, an obsession for T-shirts with Engrish on them. My original resolution not to perpetuate terrible English in Korea by purchasing shirts with Engrish, soon gave way in the face of their awesomeness.

So here's the first 4 I've bought, I say the first because I'm sure I will buy tons more. They were all on sale, at least I haven't spent more then 10,000W on each.

The top says "Darling" the middle says.... "I in Dior Chauo" ? You can't see the bottom which has a sentence that I can't read either. I also didn't know what the box in the middle was supposed to be, maybe a TV? Shannon thinks it's a perfume bottle. He's probably right.

I had to take a far shot so you could see the moon/deer/birds/stars picture on top.

And then... "Electronica ecpronice"? What? That has nothing to do with.... ok, whatever.

"WE LOVE don't say maybe"!

My favorite... drum roll please!
rofl! "Talk of the Devils" I'm sure they meant "Speak of the Devil".... almost guys, almost. You'll get it next time, don't give up!

Don't you wish you owned an Engrish t-shirt? Well, maybe we can do something about that....

Post in the comments below what Engrish phrase would make you a ton of money if put onto a T-shirt in Korea. (due date: July 8th, 2011)

The one who comes up with the best phrase will win an Engrish T-shirt (of my choosing)!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Nobody won, because you guys suck. :P (Really? No Engrish shirt ideas?)