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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Moving to Korea still doesn't seem real to me, so I'm focused and excited about the part that does... flying business class with flat bed seats!!

I figured out what Delta flights have their fancy new lay down seating and booked that.

I'm flying Pittsburgh -> Atlanta
Atlanta -> Tokyo
Tokyo -> Busan

I'll fly out the 6th at 9:44am and arrive in Busan, Korea at 9:30pm on the 7th.
Total journey time: 22hr 46min
Total Flight time: 18hr 31min

The Atlanta to Tokyo flight is 14hr15min long and is booked on Delta's refitted 777-200LR.

Delta's flat bed seats in Business Class (I got these photos from the Delta website)

I'm in seat 6D

Notice how the First Class and Business class seats are angled. If you're traveling together you can get the middle seats to sit next to each other. If you're flying alone you can get one of the side seats and not have to sit next to anyone!

This will be my first time flying Business Class, I'm looking forward to my free booze and pampering. :D

Oh yeah, and at the end of my trip I'll get to see my husband who I've been missing for the past couple of weeks. The fact that we'll be in Korea seems unreal though.

I'll make sure to take photos on the plane to get some real views of this new seating system. I'll also write a full review in the days after I arrive.


  1. Looks pretty sweet to me! A flat bed seat would have made my trip to Australia and New Zealand much more enjoyable. :0)

  2. Laura! I'll let you know how super sweet it really ends up being!