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Monday, April 25, 2011

Worst lunch ever - Korean "American"

I don't have a ton of time today, so here's a shorty about Saturday's lunch.

At HomePlus (grocery store/department store), there's a food court. It's fast, and usually pretty good. They have selections of Korean, Japanese, "American" and Mixed food. You can buy family meals for about 12,000W or individual meals about 6,000W.

Friday night we went out with friends and decided to Fear Factor it up. We had entrails and silkworms after we had drank quite a bit. So when I woke up with a massive hangover Saturday morning, Shannon asked what I wanted for lunch, I said "Something unbelievably normal, please". (I could still smell entrails)

We ordered the American Family Meal to share, figuring they might have ruined somethings. Turned out they ruined everything!

I was mostly guessing what they were trying to make, I can't confirm anything.

The best thing was the "Hot Dog", probably because I hadn't tasted mustard in a while, yum!

Everything else was inedible and tasted grosser then the entrails from the night before. Note how they couldn't resist putting fish into something!

Lesson learned? Don't eat Korean "American" food. After we gave up on this meal, we went and got ice cream to make up for lunch being so unsatisfying. The ice cream flavors weren't normal either, but I was able to find chocolate, that's all I needed. :D


  1. I'm a bit behind here, so I hope you get an email or something about comments.

    In Suzhou, there were a lot of western restaurants run by ex-pats, in addition to some chains. Maybe there are some restaurants like that where you can some comfort food?

  2. I do get emails! There is a TGIFridays down at Haeundae that has real cheeseburgers, but they cost a fortune and it's quite a drive and or bus/train ride. We just live too far out for anyone to even remotely want american food.

    When we went to Seoul this weekend, we lived it up and got something that was close to Mexican food and (drum roll please ) Taco Bell!!!! Shannon and I were debating about if it was the only Taco Bell in Korea and we had found it. :D Anyway, we were excited because of all the cheeeeeese!

  3. So Koreans don't like cheese either? What's wrong with Asians?

  4. Nope, I don't understand! I can buy cheese if I want to spend 7,000W on 16 slices of Velveeta. or 6,500W on mini Baby Bell cheeses. (which I have) That's why, if anyone wants to send us a care package, just send us like 30 boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. It won't go bad and we can satisfy any cheese cravings we might have.