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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Engrish - Part 1

The Koreans really like English. They put it on things purely for decoration. Similar to people in the US getting Tattoos with Japanese characters.

I really want everyone to think about that as you read this post. What does your favorite Japanese Character decoration really say? Are you sure it's what you think it is?

These were all from this weekend. Kyle S. pointed out the Mother's Finger cookies that I posted on Facebook (I didn't even notice that one, haha!)

From Lotteria (Korean McDonalds, except healthier).
It's hard to read, so here's what it says: "We made happiness for your wonderful life... have fun with lotteria"
At least it makes sense!

This is from our night out at Gwangalli... and no we didn't go in this club to see what it was like.

???? I think this was supposed to be a poem for a cafe. How many syllables is a Haiku supposed to have?

If you like cutting boards, you'll have very Happy Wood. Shannon spotted this one from a mile away. lol.

This book is supposed to teach English?? Not off to a good start, unless there's a language called Ehglish that I don't know about? And right next to it.... What's the difference? Except that on one, they spelled English correctly.

I had to take a picture of the hat first so you would know the context. This is at a flea market.

I think this says "American: Skateboarding is about enjoying yourself lance (maybe Lance, like a name?).
Mountaim enjoying and ind air at bolvin-out north toiego county kidney 2002"

Maybe they're talking about Sidney? If so, that's Australian. And what does skateboarding have to do with Mountains? Anyone ever heard of bolvin or toiego county?

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. In Korea's defense, most of their English use, while stilted, makes sense in context and is very very helpful. There's just enough of these around to be amusing.

I thought about having an Engrish post every day, but I can't guarantee them, so I'll just post them in parts as I get them. :D


  1. LOVE the "American" hat!!!! You should buy a bunch of them as Christmas presents!!!!!!

  2. My wife has a similar hat...except instead of American it says Korea! It must be a quote from skateboarder Lance Mountain. "Kidney" might be a reference to kidney-shaped swimming pools, a common makeshift skate park. Probably ripped straight off of a photo caption.