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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flying Kitties?

Mine are! I'll post here the updates as they come, b/c I think it's awesome that I'm getting updates!

Thank you AirAnimal! My final review is that the cost was well worth the peace of mind. Thank you for all the updates and for getting our kitties to Korea safe and sound!

4/2/11 6:48am EST (7:38pm Korea)
Email from Shannon: "Both the kitties are fine. As soon as I opened their kennels both were VERY excited to see me... then promptly went to explore their new home. I showed them both their liter box and both have used it once already. I also gave them food and water but they seem to be sharing each others right now. Lizzie prowled around to find a good hiding spot and sat there where I couldn't find her for a good long while. And Bella after loving on me for a while decided to go sulk under the bed for a while but eventually the queen found her throne on top the bed. I attached some pictures to make you feel better. :)"

Bella sulking!

Prowling Lizzie!

Queen Bella!

4/1/11 8:35am EST (9:35pm Korea)
Email from AirAnimal: "After having a drink, meeting new friends, and learning a little German, I see they are in Seoul. I'm sure Maya will send us an update once she gets a chance."

4/1/11 7am EST (8pm Korea)
Shannon got a call from Korean agents: "The cats made it to Seoul. I have been told they are safe and sound for the night and will be taking a flight tomorrow to Busan and then should be arriving to me about 5 or 6pm"

The Seoul Royal Palace... kitties are touring everywhere!

3/31/11 10:30pm EST (11:30am Korea)
Flight 712 arrives in Seoul, Korea

3/31/11 1:15pm EST (6:15pm Frankfurt, 2:15am 4/1/11 Korea)
Flight 712 leaves Frankfurt, Germany -> Seoul, Korea

3/31/11 10:06am EST (4:06pm Germany, 11:06pm Korea)
Email from AirAnimal: "They are in Frankfurt having their comfort stop. All is going according to plan."
Shannon's email response: "Comfort stop? Do they get little kitty massages and mamosas?"
Lol! I hope so!

So Charming! If only they were here during Octoberfest!

3/31/11 1:35am EST (7:35am Germany)
Flight 403 arrives in Frankfurt, Germany

3/30/11 5:50pm
Flight 403 leaves Newark -> Frankfurt, Germany

3/30/11 2:09pm
Email from AirAnimal: "They are all checked in and waiting to get their wings. The flight is scheduled to depart on time. I'll send you an update in the morning."

Since they have a lot of times between flights, the kitties decided to tour.
Not much to see in Newark I guess...

3/30/11 9:42am
Flight 3360 arrives in Newark

3/30/11 9:21am
Email from AirAnimal: "Everything went according to plan this morning. They should be landing in Newark any minute now."

3/30/11 8:15am
Flight 3360 leaves Pittsburgh -> Newark

3/30/11 5am
Pickup at our door in Pittsburgh

3/30/11 4:30am
Put frozen water bowls in Kennels and Kitties followed soon there-after. Bella settled in immediately, lying on Shannon's t-shirts, dazed that I had made her get up at 4:30am and put her in a cage. Lizzie was not a happy camper, it took a lot of persuading to put her into the kennel and then she kept pawing at the door trying to open it. Sneaky kitty!

Bella was resigned early on.

 Lizzie was trying to kill me with her laser eyes. (She was upset)

The prisoners... (Notice Lizzie looking forlornly from her cell in the back)

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