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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love/Hate Relationship

As we discover more about Korea, there's more to love... and hate! This is stuff I love and hate about our apartment (or stuff in our apartment).

I love the great instant coffee packets they have here.
This little instant coffee packet has sugar and creamer in it. Just pour it in the bottom of your cup and pour hot water on top of it. Yum! I have never liked any instant coffee before and I really like this.

I hate not having a dishwasher. I didn't take a picture of not having a dishwasher cause it's not there!!!!! All these awesome appliances and conveniences and I have to wash my own dishes?! That sucks!!!

I Love the heated floors. Never have I wanted to be in my socks so much. I wasn't so sure about the very Asian tradition of taking your shoes off before you come in to any place, home, restaurant, etc. But I quickly got used to it and learned to wear shoes that slip off easily. If you go to a restaurant where it's required to take off your shoes (and then sit on the floor, they go hand in hand), the floor is typically padded and heated as well. Heaven.
Anyway, this is about in the apartment. When you turn on the floor heat, the apartment heats up really quickly. In fact, it's been chilly here for the last week (about 45F), I turn on the floor heat for a couple hours during the day, turn it off before Shannon gets home and he's complaining about how hot it is. If we ever redo floors in any room in our american house, I'm going to investigate floor heat. Love it!!

How low the counter-tops are. The come up to my thigh. Which means when I'm washing said dishes above, I get a crick in my back. A whole nation of short people are going to give me a bad back!
Not a great picture since I took it at home today, so no Shannon to help, but it gets the point across.

Even though our 3 bedroom apartment is a lot smaller then our house (duh!), I love how many cubby places there are to store things. For example, in the entryway, where it is expected that everyone will take off their shoes, there's a shoe closet. (A whole closet for my shoes you say? <3 ) With even some features that I haven't figured out yet... gotta ask our new Korean friends.

Our hard, uncomfortable sofa. You have to sit up straight or slide off and it's hard! No taking a nap on this couch. At least it's nice looking... Too bad it also shows all the cat hair...

Key code door locks. I was thinking that we needed one of these before we came to Korea, now I'm sure. With no way to lock yourself out of your house by accident, this is a modern convenience I would love to have at our house in the future.

Our Washer/Dryer. With a very small barrel and that it takes about 4 hours to do a load of laundry, it means I feel like I'm constantly doing laundry to keep up. I can't imagine what people with kids do... it washes like 5 pieces of clothing at a time. Maybe it's just not made to handle our large american body clothing.   -.-    I actually tried washing 3 towels yesterday and it was too much for it. It refused to dry it, having an error until I finally took one towel out and then it would work. Grrrrr.....
I already can't wait to get back to my huge washer dryer. (That takes about 2 hours total to wash and dry) Ah someday.

And now I'll try to end on a
I love having a security camera that turns on automatically when someone rings our doorbell, or you can turn it on yourself. In a busy apartment, it makes me feel safe and sound. We need this when we get back so I can feel extra safe when Shannon's off on business trips. :)
Neat right? That's the hall outside our door. There are buttons to call the police and remotely bolt the door. Though if we called the police they wouldn't understand us..... Maybe just panicked yelling would get a cop to come to our door. :D

There are lots more things I can think of in both the Love and Hate categories, but they'll have to wait till another day!

Til next time!

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