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Friday, April 15, 2011

Cherry Blossom Obsession

Always before I thought that the Asian's obsession with Cherry Blossoms was, well, overrated. Maybe you have to be in Asia to feel the obsession, because I'm definitely feeling it now. Cherry Blossoms in profusion! I love them. I love how they make you feel like it's springtime. I love how the blossoms fall and drift on the wind like a gentle snow. I love how they pop against the newly green landscape.

Here are some of the pictures I've taken thus far. I need more!

Inside our apartment complex.

The road back to our apartment from Busan. (We're pretty rural!)

From the roof park of Shinsegae (largest department store in the world)

Downtown near Haeundae beach.

From our walk in Haeundae Park.

We're going to a fishing/cherry blossom/spring festival in a couple of weekends called the Gwangalli Eobang Festival. Gwangalli is the beach in downtown Busan and Eobang is the local fishing union.

Hmmm, I think Shannon needs to catch some fish with his hands, who's with me?

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