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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Class (ok Business) experience

After 26 hours in airports, I feel a little dazed trying to remember my first flight, Pittsburgh to Atlanta, First Class. As I recall, there were bigger seats and some snacks. No Champagne only free hard alcohol. It was too early for me personally. But the lady next to me had 5 drinks in the 1.5 hour flight! lol.

Then the big one. I booked on the Delta 777-200LR with Lay down seats in business class. I was in my own private pod. I had buttons to adjust my headrest, lumbar support, foot rest, and back recline. I also had a "massage" button, which moved the lumbar support up and down to rub your lower back for you. The other two buttons are the sleep position button, which moved your seat to the prone position for sleeping, and the Takeoff position, which moved your seat to completely upright for takeoff and landing.

HUGE plane!

Watching movies (Tangled, Julie & Julia, Kings Speech) in my pod with my comfy blanket.

They also kept feeding me. I felt uncomfortably full almost the entire time.

This is a "light" snack that they served around 10pm eastern. That's roast duck and salmon with dipping sauce, cheese, salad and chocolate.

We had a three course lunch around 2pm EST, with accompanying wine selections. Then that light snack around 10pm. Then a full breakfast around 2am EST (right before landing).

I slept between that 10pm meal and the 2am meal. The lay down seat was pretty awesome for this. I was able to lay on my side and everything. Plus the full sized blanket and pillow. I would've slept for a lot longer if they hadn't been fussing around the cabin serving people.

In Tokyo I decided to take a bathroom break and came across my first Bidet. I immediately decided it would make an excellent blog post and started taking pictures.

The many buttons, none in English, can you guess what they mean?

Don't worry! The English instructions were on the wall. Notice the music note, this played noise to cover your noises. I did try out the bidet, but I was not brave enough to try out the music note button or the "Powerful Deodorizer"... maybe next time. :D

On the flight from Tokyo to Busan they served Dinner and more wine and champagne. We got to the Gimhae airport early so I had to wait forever till Shannon got there.

My first experience of Korean traffic was in a rain storm then. We only got lost once (Trying to figure out traffic signs that are, mostly, in Korean), we finally made it to the apartment. I really don't know how to describe driving in Korea. Insane, aggressive, terrifying... all of these fit and don't seem to fully encompass all that it is. I haven't gotten up the courage to try it myself, Shannon has managed thus far. I'm sure my first time driving over here will be a completely separate post. 

Overall, I think my business flying experience was all I hoped it would be. And Shannon was right, as cool as flying in business was I was really glad when it was over. :)


  1. Kim-Your blog let me travel vicariously with you in the luxury that is business class. Glad you had an awesomely untraumatic time getting to Korea though I'm sure the radiation you picked up in Japan is quite worrying :p.

  2. Lol! Yes, I am feeling irradiated thanks for reminding me!