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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Screen Golf

Last week we went screen golfing! This is hard core virtual golf. They give you sets of clubs and you get to pick your course and level (easy, normal, hard). You can also drink and some places you can eat.

Screen golfing is super popular in Korea. There aren't many golf courses in Korea because they just don't have the space. And those courses that do exist are very expensive to get into.
South Korean Golf Courses
In fact, at least one of the courses I looked at had a maximum handicap to play. So terrible players like Shannon and I could never get in. There is an abundance of driving ranges and screen golf though.

For a mere 12,000W you can play 18 holes of screen golf.

Here's a short video of Shannon finishing a hole of screen golf. By finishing I mean this is his last stroke before he makes double par and the game kicks him out.

WARNING! I say F*c% at the 9second mark. Not safe for work or kiddies unless you have the volume turned down or you skip that part.

Poor Shannon, Doug and I were making fun of him. But I chose this video because it shows how cool the setup is. Shannon's got a real club, he presses a button to have it set up the ball for him. It's got cameras and sensors so it knows which way the ball went. It really runs into the tree that's in Shannon's way. And it penalizes him if he goes out of bounds (which is how Shannon had gotten to the double par at this point).

If you're interested in more information about Korean golf, these articles are pretty interesting. (Though I'm sure not as entertaining as us mocking Shannon.)

Virtual Reality Golf in Korea
Korea's mixture of golf and culture truly a world apart.
Korean Golf Association

I stumbled across these articles while looking at South Korea information.... Bizarre...
North Korea to Hold Golf Contest - April 30th
And then in conclusion:
Review and Pics
4 Days ago....

Would I go Screen Golfing again? Probably, but I like the real thing a lot better. Too bad I don't meet that Max Handicap by any means. :D

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