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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ArtsyFartsy - part1

I've really enjoyed taking photos ever since I arrived in Korea. (I've never been a really big photo person before this, I swear.... on our Honeymoon, Shannon and I had to make a resolution, yes, a resolution to take at least 1 photo together (as a couple) every day, in Hawaii! We still missed 1 day I think. Still, that shows how much we're not typically picture people. We both are usually like, "You take pictures" "No, you take pictures, I don't want to carry the camera" "Meh, guess we're not getting any pictures". But since we've been here I've pretty much monopolized the camera, with Shannon occasionally saying "make sure you get a picture of that!" Ok, side story over.)

Since I've been so enraptured with temples and mountains and cherry blossoms and ocean and all the beautiful stuff around me, I've actually taken the time to tweak some of my more awesome photos. This is just part 1, I have so many awesome photos I'll have to blog more after I edit them.

Gwangalli Beach at night. I was told the words being projected on the sand was a poem.

Haeundae park.

Jin-ha Beach and Island (10 minutes north of our apartment!)

Early spring, flower barely peaking out!

Valley on the way to Moonsoosa.

Mountain view with pine tree.

Cherry blossoms outside our apartment.

Wind-swept tree on a mountain. 

Approaching Moonsoosa.

Path down.

Moonsoosa bell tower coming down from the peak. 

I couldn't decide which one I liked best, with or without color. Gwangan beach.

If you're wondering how I edit my pictures, I swear it's just Microsoft Picture Editor. I don't own any sweet editing program (though I wish I did). This is just cropping, enhancing color (or getting rid of color) and playing with shadows and highlights.

I've actually taken so many photos at this point, there might be a part 2 tomorrow or later this week, just so I can catch up. :D

Feel free to use my photos anywhere you want to. Just please link back to my site if it's on the web, and let me know... I'd love to know you liked my photos enough to use them somewhere!


  1. Hehe, then you should get Shannon his fancy dSLR :)
    I brought mine and three lens to hawaii... the total pics taken were more than 2000 (lots of repeats, some duds but at least 100 really good ones)

    Go ahead, channel your inner photographer

  2. Check out Gimp, a free photo editing program that is supposed to be comparable to photoshop. I'm still learning how to use it & I have limited photoshop experience, so I can't say for sure.

  3. Gwangan Beach with color, I see it blown up (Mural) with neon where some color is. Nice work. Love the paths looks, like you could walk into the picture.

  4. Jamaal, we talked more about that this weekend.... though at this point owning a camera with all kinds of neat complicated functions that we would also have to translate because it's in Korean doesn't sound too appealing. If we can find some website that will ship to us, for a reasonable price, with a really nice camera, and it can get through customs... maybe... otherwise it will have to wait till we take a trip back to the US.
    Did Joe post all your good/awesome ones on facebook?

    Eve... awesome!! You are my hero! Now it's just a matter of figuring out the functions. Though I already used the smudge ability to hide some cars in the background of an otherwise awesome photo.

    Anonymous, Thank you!!! You're making me blush!

  5. Shipping... oh yeah. Dad has the same problems with electronic stuffs. However, looking through my Nikon D3000 settings, it has all the various languages (including Korean) and you can download the manual in engligh straight from the website. Food for thought
    Joe did post a bunch of pics on facebook. I think he got most of them. There was one awesome night/moon/beach that i had to clean up into amazing.
    Also, the Mountain Pine tree is my favorite. Very nice.

  6. Love! Makes me want to come visit even more now! I really like the path pictures as well - definitely makes me feel like I could just walk straight into the pictures.