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Friday, May 6, 2011

I kiss better than I cook!

Wednesday night, our Korean Teacher (short summary for those who might not know, Shannon's company requires each of us take 100 hours of Korean language lessons, which Shannon and I are very enthused about, though Shannon is already much better then I am... Damn his memorization skillz) offered to teach me how to make Kimbap, Korean Sushi. Of course, I accepted!

So, here's my first attempt at Kimbap!! Mine are a little bit flat and the rice didn't go all the way around. My squeezing and cutting techniques are seriously lacking.

So what's in Kimbap? Well, this Kimbap has ham, fishcake, pickled radish, some sort of root, and cooked spinach, wrapped in rice and seaweed!

Miss Kwon and me! Miss Kwon is an expert at making rice. I could not believe how good this rice was. She made this rice in a pot that was not intended to make rice and then even made the crusty stuff at the bottom which is her favorite. And it didn't burn or anything! 
I told her about my previous rice cooking experiences, which have all resulted in terrible half-cooked rice and ruined pots. She said I should stick to an electric rice cooker in the future.    >.<    lol. I'm glad I already own one!

We even convinced Shannon to try making a couple rolls, lol!

Kimbap Instructions
  1. The ham, fish cakes, pickled radishes, and brown root all come pre-made for Kimbap (pre-sliced in long skinny pieces for Kimbap). Spinach should be bought fresh. The seaweed comes in sheets.
  2. Clean, soak, and cook your rice (if you're not as skilled as Miss Kwon I recommend a rice cooker). After cooked, add sesame seed oil, stir in.
  3. Cook your pre-made fish cake thingies in your sautee pan with lots of soy sauce and some sugar. (Miss Kwon kept stressing to make all the fillings salty so they'll taste good inside the Kimbap) Put to the side.
  4. Wash your fresh spinach. Put a little bit of water in a pot, bring to a boil. Put your spinach in the pot and cook till cooked. Take out and put on a plate, rinse with cold water. (This will make it stay green) Pour Sesame seed oil on and Salt.
  5. Cook your pre-made ham in the Sautee pan. This doesn't need any soy sauce or salt.
  6. Get everything out to start rolling. Use your bamboo roller thing, put a sheet of seaweed on it. Put rice on half the seaweed sheet, using plastic gloves will make this easier. Stack your fillings, Miss Kwon says at least 3 fillings, but as many more as you want. We used all 5. User your roller bamboo thing and roll it up halfway. Squeeze the rice around and out. Miss Kwon is great at this, Shannon and I suck. We'll have to practice more. Use some rice on the edge of the seaweed sheet like glue if you need to, roll all the way. Take the bamboo roller away and slice the roll. 
  7. Kimbap, yay!!

Thank you Miss Kwon!! I hope I can replicate these in the future! (And that they'll taste almost as good!)


  1. Sounds (and looks) super yummy!!!!!!!!!!! I've only recently started to eat sushi, but I've found that when it is made right, I love it! And now your post is making me hungry!

  2. Haha! They were pretty amazing!