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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ArtsyFartsy - part 2

I finished editing a lot of pictures yesterday and split them in to reasonable groups. Turns out I have 3 more posts worth after this one! Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to use Gimp very well yet, so these are still just edited using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. I'm sure when I figure Gimp out my pictures will blow your mind! Until then, you'll have to settle for simple awe. :D

I love color saturating the pictures with the temple buildings because of all their beautiful painting!

Jangan Temple during Buddha Birthday. Shannon's favorite out of these pictures.

Jangan Temple 2.

Looking up through the Bamboo Forest.

Well manicured forest path behind Jangansa.

It's definitely a toss up between the one above and the one below for which is my favorite picture in this post.

Cherry Blossoms against the mountain.

Beomeosa waterfall from the top.

 I loooove the bright and pretty lanterns!

Feel free to use my photos anywhere you want to. Just please link back to my site if it's on the web, and let me know... I'd love to know you liked my photos enough to use them somewhere!

I'll probably blog about something else tomorrow (I have a list of topics I haven't gotten to yet), but don't worry, in the near future there will be a part 3, part 4 and part 5... and I'm sure many more parts in the future!

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