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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Engrish - Part deux

I know you all are very excited.... The next installment of Engrish!

So racist!! (And no, I have no idea what this sign is for)

The pig was sweaty (it didn't use antiperspirant, like most Koreans)

I think they're tying to quote things... or say sayings and because they're not quite right they just run all together into jibberish

Not really Engrish... but we think it's "nice" too. Nice....

Hahahaha!! Best "subliminal" message ever.

This is the cutting board that came with the apartment, I know it's hard to see, so here's what is says, unedited. "And Rose, It's simple and stylish design, so get to fit various place."
Prime example of English used to decorate without too much pre-thought.

Now, some awesomeness to end on. I'm bringing the love of kitties to Korea!
That's a little girl hiding outside my window trying to meet Bella! lol.


  1. "That's a little girl hiding outside my window trying to meet Bella! lol."

    trying to EAT Bella! lol.

  2. Haha, great stuff - this makes your rethink all of the casian characters you see written all over place the place in the states...probably the same thing in reverse.

  3. Chris- No No, I keep telling you, (older) Korean's think Cat's are evil pests (like rats), they don't eat kitties, they poison them or bash their heads in. That's why I was very concerned (panicked) when Lizzie escaped the apartment the other day. Luckily, we found her quickly. (I located her by someone yelling at her in our apartment building) We were almost too late! They had gone to get the poison!!! Ok, I don't know that, I just surmise it.
    This incident has provoked the kitties having to wear collars all the time. And for me to consider putting pictures of them up on our doors with Korean writing saying "If these kitties escape, they're not stray's they're mine, I love them, please let me know!" Something along those lines. Shannon has convinced me that's a little overboard, so I haven't done it yet...

    Jay, I know!! I pointed that out in the first Engrish I did. I'm really concerned for all the folks who have Japanese Character tattoos. Those aren't easy to fix!