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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Noribang - part 2

Last week I posted about Noribangs. We went to a really nice one this last week with friends and I took some awesome video.

******Disclaimer- we were all pretty drunk by this point, also my laughing is very loud because I'm holding the camera (and my laugh is always loud).

This nice Noribang was high up, I don't remember what floor, but for once it was not in a basement. And had real bathrooms!! They do exist! I don't remember how expensive it was, it might have been pretty expensive. And we all agreed that the attenders (the people that assigned us our room, made sure we knew where we were going, got us food and alcohol and got the karaoke machine going for us) were waaay overly eager to do their job. In an almost scary way. By my 4th trip to the bathroom- hey I have a small bladder, especially when I'm drinking, leave off!-, I knew where I was going, but I was still escorted by a very excited attender.
See how excited this girl is? What she's really doing is smiling real big thinking "stop taking pictures in the hall and get into your room!!" Oh yeah, they gave us lollipops when we walked in, neat! Or maybe this is when we were leaving, I can't remember... again, we were pretty drunk by this point!

Roy's picking out what sweet song he's going to sing! YeonSil and Doug and singing their hearts out. I would like to reiterate that I love this type of Karaoke. The bench seating, big table, drinking with your group of friends. It's very comfortable. We rented the room for 2 hours and it flew by.

Best song of the night!!  Notice how when I ask Shannon why he's holding the mic like that, he says, "Cause I'm gangsta." lolololololol, Awesome, just awesome.

For more awesome Noribang videos, and others, visit my YouTube channel, here.

After this we went to another bar and then finally called it quits at about 3:30am. Walked back to the car and went home. We told Andy to drink but he insisted on sober driving, so once again we didn't get to try out a Representative Driver. Someday we will all drink and get a Representative Driver.

Tomorrow - Screen Golfing!


  1. Couldn't quite tell, was that Walex off to the right?