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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Location Location Location!

Since I've been getting so many question about it, I thought I'd post some maps of where our apartment is in relation to everything else going on on that side of the world.

Look how close we are to the beach!

Just North of the DMZ is North Korea! Yikes!

Japan is Korea's breakwater. :D

Where we are in relation to the world!

So no, I'm not worried about Tsunamies, Radiation or Hurricanes. Thanks though for being the thousandth person to ask, I should've had a prize ready for you. ;)


  1. Ferry ride is a bit longer than 30mins... more like at least 3 hours I think. But good guess :P. I've been telling people 30mins before I left, mainly because it's just really short. And our actual apartment building is across the road from the ones that are marked. And Units 3 and 4 of the plant are the the northern construction spots on the map the ones you have labeled are the old existing Kori sites. Other than that good. :D

  2. I tried fixing them.... Did I do better this time?