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Friday, March 25, 2011

Kat Kennels

To expand on my first post about shipping cats to South Korea. Here's the kennel requirements as outlined by our shipping company, AirAnimal Inc.
  1. The flight kennels should have at least 3 inches of clearance around the cats inside while sitting, standing or lying down.
    1. We bought 2 kennels for this. The shipping company would have provided loaner kennels for $90/ea. We bought these for $65/ea.
    2. The kennel dimensions: 28Lx20.5Wx21.5H inches
    3. Kitty dimensions: 14Hx20L
    4. So the kitties should be very comfy!
  2. Ventilated on all 4 sides.
  3. Bolted Edges (None of the easy access clasps)
Pictures of the kennel from front and back. Note the ventilation and wingnut bolts on the sides.

Set-up Requirements (I haven't done these yet):
  1. Shredded Paper along the bottom.
    1. I'm going to use our shredding machine and shred up newspapers for this.
  2. T-shirt or small towel
    1. We're going to put old t-shirts in with them that smell like us to cuddle with.
  3. No Toys inside! (poor toys?!)
  4. 2 water dishes that attach to the door filled with water and frozen.
  5. 2 ziploc baggies with food secured to the top of the kennel

Here's a picture of our kitties, already asuming something bad is going to happen.
Lizzie's such a ham and Bella likes to pretend the camera isn't there and deliberately turns away. (Bella's on the left, Lizzie's on the right)

They had a vet visit last night to get their health certificates signed. Those were mailed express to the USDA and a copy to AirAnimal, Inc. The ship date is still March 31st. They'll arrive in Korea on April 2nd.
Wish the kitties good luck!

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