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Friday, March 25, 2011

North Korea

Of course, everyone asks us if we’re worried about North Korea. Actually we weren’t really until we started watching documentaries.

Here are some of my favorites, they’re better than a ghost story for giving you the willies.

1.       Vice Guide to North Korea
You can find this on Netflix instant play if you’re interested.

2.       BBC Documentary: State of Mind

I have to admire the people for being so determined to persevere, but I’m sad at how ignorant they are. They don’t know how a market will work?

3.       A day in the life of….

Shannon, here’s some of the footage that I think Vice uses in their documentary?  This day in the life of is supposedly all propaganda (which makes sense, since they restrict the use of cameras in their country). I didn’t post the other parts to this one, but you can get them on YouTube.

4.      Report Inside North Korea – a lot more recent, right after the sub attack by North Korea.

 Those children that are taught to despise us from birth are adorable.

I was trying to find some North Korean Propaganda films that I really liked but I can’t bring myself to watch them for more than a few minutes at a time.

Please, feel free to post your suggestions in the comments section. I could watch these all day and night and never get tired of scaring myself.

Next time: Some happy South Korean films to make me feel better!


  1. Crazy stuff. It's interesting that living in South Korea the conversation even if the news is about North Korea the discussion is void of it. WAY too touchy of a subject. I'm definately afraid of even discussing it with my good friend and partner worker Mr. Shin. The link the the VICE's guide (which is a good show regardless of just the N. Korea episode) is

    We definately have to make a stop at the DMZ

  2. I agree. Whenever I tell someone here that we're going to go see the DMZ, I get "Why?????"

    Why not? :)