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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ArtsyFartsy - part 6

I've been working on a post about Korean Technology and it's taking me forever, mainly due to my frustration at the GPS not cooperating. (Dangit, GPS, you are ruining my argument about how cool Korean technology is!!)

So in the meantime here's some Artsy Fartsy!

I'm really enjoying the Black and White photos this time.
Park in Seoul.

Entrance to one of the palaces in Seoul. (Sorry I'm tired tonight, so I'm not going to figure out which one, maybe later I'll edit and add in the actual location.

Palace and Sky.

Royal residence.

Palace building.

It was a very hazy morning in Seoul. Not a hint of blue sky, but nice and hot. :)

Feel free to use my photos anywhere you want to. Just please link back to my site if it's on the web, and let me know... I'd love to know you liked my photos enough to use them somewhere!

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