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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Engineering, not always an exact science

I've been dying to have a full sized fan. I finally purchased one, they cost a fortune for some reason in Korea. 

A fan that would normally cost $25 in the states cost 47,000W. :(  Sad face. And that's the cheap fan.

So, I bought one, I thought, no biggie, I can put together a stand-fan in my sleep.

3 hours later.... At least I got the base put together!

I've studied Statics, Dynamics and Mechanics of Materials (Mickey Met for those in the know) and I cannot put this stupid fan together. I think there's parts missing, and/or the wrong parts got put in the box. I can't verify though because the directions are in Korean and the pictures are suitably vague....

If Shannon can't put it together when he gets home, we're going to have to return it... This would be the first time I've had to return something in Korea... I have no idea how this will go.

Maybe something like this? "OnyungHaseyeo, this fan is missing parts, can we exchange it for a different fan?"
"Korean Korean Korean, Ahneeyo, Korean, Korean, Korean"  "Ummm, please? Juseyo?" "Korean Korean Korean" *takes the box from us and walks away.* There goes 47,000W down the drain!

lol, I'm sure it won't be that bad! Still, just to be on the safe side, maybe I'll have to bring YeonSil. Especially because I misplaced the receipt between there and here. >.<!

Update: About a half hour after I wrote this post, I did figure out what was going wrong. The stand bar had gotten stuck inside and had to be knocked out. Unfortunately, the oscillating control really is broken and will have to be glued back on as soon as I can buy some super glue. :) But it's not a big enough problem to return the fan, so that adventure will have to wait till next time!

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