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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Engrish - 4!

You might be wondering, how much Engrish could there possibly be out there? I am here to tell you, a lot!

Does this sign seriously say Sandrich? Yes, yes it does. Way to enforce stereotypes Korea.

My favorite part of this sign is in the bottom right corner where they felt the need to emphasize... "Just a bar"

If only there was actually Cheese in this bar, I might actually go there.

I had to blow this one up, but in case you can't read it: " A doctor's daughter gets slinky with her catskills resort dance instructor in the hot summer of '63 (1987). *" It was only funnier when Mike asked "What movie is that from?" Really Mike???? lol. No movie ever said that, I promise.
*Edit* I have since learned that this is a Dirty Dancing synopsis (not a quote though). So I apologize to Mike and to this poor girl for my assumption of Engrish.

So sweet!!

Berry Yam Story, just another instance of me having no idea what this sign is for. Based on the large coffee cup to the right I would bet on Coffee Shop, but the airplane to the left greatly confuses the matter.

Till next time!!


  1. OMG! It's a Dirty Dancing t-shirt! That may surpass the Saved by the Bell shirt I found for awesome shirts in Korea!

  2. Is that really what it's referencing??? Mike, I apologize profusely.
    I also apologize profusely to the poor Korean girl in this picture who I assumed was wearing some terrible engrish. (who knew catskills was a real thing?)

  3. Besides Anna I mean... lol.

  4. Haha ir'a a place -

    I just love Dirty Dancing :)