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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to work Korean GPS

After much frustration, I finally figured out the system (with Miss Kwon's help!).

We had used the GPS before, but only for local trips, never for a long one, so we didn't realize you needed to callibrate the GPS to the area before you searched. The GPS in my Prius you had to do the same thing, but I never suspected in such a small country you would need to. Goes back to how much information is actually in the Korean GPS system.

Remember, Korean address's are backwards from the way we write them in English. (starts with the "state"/"county" and ends in the "house number")

The example in the video is this address:

In English:
Daelim Tourist Hotel
230-6 Seonhwa-dong
Daejeon   301-822
Phone: 02-2076-8351

In Korean (한국어):
301-822 대전
선화동 230-6
대림 관광호텔

Script from the video:

This is actually a Galaxy Tab but the program is the same or similar to other Korean GPS programs. (The actual program is called 아이나비)

First, turn on or start up your program. Once you get through the initial start-up questions, click the search button. (0:20-0:24)

Next you'll need to click the specific location button. (0:26)

You'll need to know the address in correct Korean Format, for this example, we're using:
301-822 대전
선화동 230-6
대림 관광호텔

So first, we'll search the list for 대전 (Daejeon) (0:46)
Then 중구 (Jung-gu) (0:48)
Finally 선화동 (Seonhwa-Dong) (1:04)

This returns you to the search screen. Now we'll type in 대림 (Daelim), the hotel we're looking for. (1:15)
Press the search button. (1:23)

The full name of the hotel is 대림 관광호텔 (Daelim Tourist Hotel). We select that option from the list. (1:28)

The GPS shows the total route. The second option from the left cancels the route if you've made a mistake. The button on the far right starts directions from your current location to the destination. (1:47)

The GPS tells you how many kilometers the trip is and what time you'll arrive. (1:54)  If you click on that information you'll get even more. (1:56)

Included is the total travel time, total km's etc. Also on this screen, you can cancel your route if you've changed your mind. You can also reverse the route (2:16).

That's about it! Hopefully that helps you out. The most important part is knowing the full, Korean, address and applying it in order. Good luck with that! Hopefully you have a friend who can help if you can't figure it out!

The reason it was so important to figure this out was because we're driving up to the Boryeong Mud Festival this weekend! Woot! Woot! (Mud slip'n'slide?! Yes Please!!!) The Daelim is where we're spending Friday night. I can't wait to report back on some awesome/dirty times!

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